9 04 17
Search Engine Optimization

Successful search engine optimization includes search engine submissions. You can’t acquire a quality rank without it.

Search Engine Submissions

While many businesses focus on doing this deed themselves, the most successful businesses understand the importance of hiring a professional team to do the work for them. Let me give you a customer rundown for how Search Engine Submissions will benefit your business online.

  • Potential customers will use search engines to find your online business.
  • Customers will click on a link within the top three pages of the search engine.
  • Random traffic on the internet will be redirected to your higher-optimized page.

Knowing that over 85% of all buyer transactions happen with the full response of search engine optimized websites, would you want to miss out on any of this traffic? Search engine submission is critical to your overall business success.

There are a few important details to remember when offering your site for submission through a professional service.

1 – Keyword phrases used by your customers to search for your site are the most important phrases to include in your listings.

2 – Consistent monitoring (not daily monitoring) are more important as part of your follow-through program for developing an ongoing marketing strategy.

3 – Frequency of submission is as important as submitting. Your site MUST be submitted on the search engine schedule for maximum optimization.

4 – Search engine submission is one of the most effective ways you can optimize your business online for maximum traffic generation.

5 – Search engine submitters offer quantifiable and powerful influence over page ranking, for increasing traffic, and improving overall success of your internet marketing campaign.

We all desire profitable business results with reasonable time and money investment. To make the most of your internet marketing ventures, we recommend taking full advantage of the ULTIMATE SEO and iNET Marketing Package.